Johanna Schulz


Director Procurement & Logistics

At R&M since

Main tasks
Logistic management, im- and export

R&M Hamburg


Johanna´s story

Which apprenticeship or study did you complete, before you became part of the R&M Group?
First, I finished middle school. However, my aim was always to be able to study, so the two years high school diploma/A levels followed. At the University of Applied Sciences, I completed my bachelor's degree in business administration with focus on purchasing and logistics. Throughout the course, I had to do a six-month compulsory internship, which I did at the R&M Group in Hamburg.

What happened after your internship?
I liked it so much, that after completing my internship I wrote my bachelor thesis together with R&M and was subsequently transferred into a full-time employment. In cooperation with the Group, in September 2018, I also successfully completed my part-time master's degree in supply chain and logistics at the FOM in Hamburg. Since then I have been working in the current position.

Describe your position and your tasks.
As Teamleader Procurement I am ensuring that the right parts are in the right place at the right time. To guarantee this, I act as an interface between our purchasing department and the multitude of suppliers and freight forwarders. I coordinate the purchase of transport services and I am also the customs and foreign trade manager in the company. More specifically, I control the worldwide import and export of materials and ensure that the necessary components are on time at the shipyard to complete the ship. My work also covers the export and export controls as well as the examination of contracts regarding logistical and customs issues in my area of ​​responsibility.

What is the best part of your job?
The contact to different stakeholders, forwarders, colleagues, authorities, internally as well as externally and the involvement in important business affairs.

Tell me something about your most exciting project ...
These are refurbishment or repair projects. Mostly, ships, which are "on duty", are only a short period of time in ports or docks. That means, extreme time pressure, because that is the time frame we can go on board and do our work. At that time, a cruise ship was lying in the harbor on the Caribbean island Aruba and it had to be repaired. In order that the parts arrive on time, they had to be transported by aircraft. Of course, this meant a lot of calls with many different people in several languages. At the end, everything worked out well.

What are the biggest challenges of your job?
To keep the overview, stay cool in all situations, even when it gets hectic and always to be friendly. And of course, being brave and offensive.

Why is the R&M Group a top employer?
My work and everything, what is on connection with it. The trust in the employees, the openness and appreciation that is given to you. All employees always have a sympathetic ear on all matters and the doors are open at any time for discussion. I like the short decision-making processes and, of course, the wide range of personalities in an international team as well as the flexible working time models, such as mobile work.

What fascinates you about the maritime industry?
The conservatism of the industry, which at the same time operates internationally and that you literally see how the ships grows. At the end of a project, you are proud of the performance of the employees. I like to work for a company, that offers a unique and diversified portfolio that sets us apart from our competitors.

Have you ever been travelling with cruise ship? How was it for you?
Yes, on a test cruise from TUI Mein Schiff. Three days, that was great. I would recommend it to everyone, who never had this experience before.


© Photo: Silje Paul

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